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Saturday, September 29, 2007

...depends on how hard you squee at the following.

EDIT: Damn, this is the second time I've had to replace this video :).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Look at the Life and Work of Joe Zawinul
by David Was
Day to Day, September 12, 2007 · We look back at the work of keyboardist Joe Zawinul, one of the founders of the fusion jazz movement. Zawinul died Tuesday at age 75.
It's how they get here that bothers me...

How does Verdine feel about sex? I've had to force myself to not click the search link.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Apparently, when this essay was passed around and dissected a couple of years ago, I missed the memo. Bears thinking about, though...

From A Heritage of Smallness
Are we not confusing timidity for humility and making a virtue of what may be the worst of our vices? Is not our timorous clinging to smallness the bondage we must break if we are ever to inherit the earth and be free, independent, progressive? The small must ever be prey to the big. Aldous Huxley said that some people are born victims, or 'murderers.' He came to the Philippines and thought us the 'least original' of people. Is there not a relation between his two terms? Originality requires daring: the daring to destroy the obsolete, to annihilate the petty. It's cold comfort to think we haven�t developed that kind of 'murderer mentality.'

But till we do we had best stop talking about 'our heritage of greatness' for the national heritage is-- let's face it-- a heritage of smallness."
I've been clearing out the massive amounts of saved links, snippets, bookmarks, RSS posts, etc. of various types I've been accumulating off of teh intranets over the past few months. Hey, I've been busy!

Anyway, here's a gem I found back in July (I ferget where, sorry): An interview with Alan Moore on Lost Girls. Yes, that's an interview on Lost Girls on SexTV--you figure out if it's safe for work, or not :).

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Anyone know the number of a good ambulance chaser? I'm kidding! I kept those jokes to a minimum, as I could tell people were nervous around me at work. A tempered glass window shattered and fell on me, resulting in superficial cuts to both my hands. It sounds worse than it is. After a few minutes, the cuts didn't even warrant a Band-Aid, although I got one.

That's the nice thing about working at the university health center. The speedy attention the center already pays to workplace injuries went doubly so for me. It's not what you got, it's who you know, and I knew darn near everyone I came into contact with. Authorized line-jumping rules!

That's not to say I didn't wait. I wasn't howling in pain, so I had to wait just long enough for the whole process, including filling out an accident report, to eat up the rest of my morning until it was time for lunch. Of course, I had to repeat the story about twenty times and quell some rumors that took mere hours to spread, everything from me slamming said window in a mad tirade, to some random student doing it, to the whole thing simply breaking on its own due to an act of God. Yeesh.