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Thursday, April 24, 2003


Still haven't gotten around to seeing Bulletproof Monk. Procrastination, I guess.

Last weekend was the Easter season, and it always makes me think of ex-girlfriends. There is in fact no direct connection between Easter and any ex. But the Easter holiday includes Good Friday, and there's a song called Good Friday by the Black Crowes that makes me think of one ex from long ago. This year, it brings to mind a more recent ex. Some sample lyrics...
You, you come and go when you please
I know unfulfilled needs
I know you do too
But I, you know I never see things through
Never paid attention to you
But honey I tried
I will not forgive you
Nor will I accept the blame
I will see you on Good Friday
On Good Friday

Actually, the song Not Enough Love in the World by Don Henley makes me think about my most recent failed romance.
I was either standing in your shadow
Or blocking your light
Though I kept on trying
I could not make it right
For you girl
There's just not enough love in the world

Hmm... maybe I still have some issues I need to work through with that one.

I decided to go out and get a part time job, just something mindless and silly for like 15 hours a week. I just want a bit of extra cash for once.

Preparing for the Easter season at church was a bear. My lip wasn't this worn when we played our Christmas musical. We had a song that was, in trumpet-speak, a "chop-buster." I kept missing them all over the place, which was frustrating because all the notes in question were in my range. But, I had to jump octaves. While I can play licks in the upper register, I was never good at jumping octaves. I actually through a little temper tantrum during a rehearsal. I made myself apologize to the rest of the band. I thought I'd gotten rid of my old "perfectionist/trumpet-ego" ways, but I guess they can and will rear their ugly heads when I'm stressed enough.

Thursday, April 17, 2003


I went cruising the net for reviews for Bulletproof Monk, and some idiot actually spoils the movie. Don't ask me where it is. I was so ticked off that I shut my browser down immediately and I really don't want to spend the effort to find it again.

Even AOL users who post on Usenet know better, sheesh.

vi 2 to be directed (against); operate or work (against or, rarely, for): said of facts, evidence, actions, etc.

from Webster's New World College Dictionary, Third Edition
Not the usual one, but the one within reach.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


At least it could be. Check out my Amazon.com wish list.

The link has also been permanently added to my blog template :).

Have some advice from my personal therapist, the Doctor who runs the Asylum for Shut-Ins.

Now, before you start emailing me concerning how sick this material is and/or the salvation of my soul, please understand this is all part of a cable access TV show shown in Cleveland in the late 80s/early 90s, and that even now has a small national cult following. No one, not even the creator (and I'm guessing even The Creator) takes this stuff seriously.

Guess what I plan to do between now and this weekend. Here's a hint.

Sunday, April 13, 2003


A mere three days until the release of Bulletproof Monk.

Monday, April 07, 2003


I just found the website of a trumpet player with whom I had the privilege of studying the trumpet for a year in college, Mr. Mike Wade.

I'd re-establish contact, but I'm afraid to tell him that I really haven't been keeping up with my horn. Playing jazz is that one dream of mine that slipped away. The one dream that required me to take a left turn in that fork in the road of life, and I ended up taking a sharp right. He told me I needed a mere two more years in the woodshed. I'll never forget what he said.

"You're 21 now? You practice this [stuff he gave me to work on], you could be bad by 23."

And, here I'm supposed to tell a man who jammed with Earth, Wind & Fire that I didn't follow through. Worse yet, I only ever made it 1/5 of the way through the stuff he gave me to work on. Then again, I suppose he'll be glad to know I've picked up the horn again and have been playing in church regularly for the past year.

At the risk of sounding too whiney, I'll share about how I was twice offered lessons with a Cleveland jazz trumpeter Kenny Davis, who toured briefly with the Duke Ellington Orchestra under Mercer Ellington. Another chance passed up.

Sunday, April 06, 2003


A mere 10 days until the release of Bulletproof Monk!

Friday, April 04, 2003


CNN.com did a feature on soldiers who blog from the Gulf. Check out a few!

In the interest of equal time, there are blogs from people living in that region. It's interesting to really see the different perspectives.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


Today's date had no bearing whatsoever on the timing of the previous post.

Here it is, my take on the war on Iraq for all it's worth.

I simply have not seen sufficient evidence to justify this military action. What I have seen of the evidence indicated a need for continued unified, multilateral, international pressure.

I'm personally disturbed by the school of thought that equates any further debate with treason and lack of support for our President and the men and women of this country fighting and dying overseas.

The time for debate is never over. However, it is no longer our first priority.

Our troops have been committed. They are fighting and dying. Debate all you want, but do something constructive for the people fighting while you do it. There are all sorts of services you can provide. "Such as?" you may ask. Find out.

You can at least pray -- not just for our people, but for everyone suffering on both sides.

That being said, I refuse to stop exploring the truth of why we're fighting in Iraq.

President Bush has a rare opportunity. At least implicitly, he seeks the trust of the American people. I wonder if he realizes just how many people are willing to set their doubts to one side and follow his lead.

Let's face it, when was the last time in this nation that we implicitly trusted a President? When we actually trusted someone willing commit lives and resources based on things to which we weren't privvy? It did exist once -- or so I've read.

When this is all over, and we have accomplished out military objectives in Iraq, I had better see the rooms with the store of weapons of mass destruction. Better yet, send in Geraldo Rivera into the first hidden vault that's uncovered.

Then, I will eat crow and post it on this blog for all to see. But more importantly, at least for a time, faith in an American President will be restored. What a blessing that would be for this country.

Don't let us down, Mr. President.