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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

That's how I was after this weekend.

Thursday and Friday, I had to help The Wife through some wierd back thing she had. Pretty much what I had not too long ago. But unlike me and my blind Filipino faith in Western Medicine (not to mention the yummy pharmaceuticals), E just had to see her old chiropractor ASAP. Friday, in the middle of the day, I drove her 90 minutes out to Canadegua [SP?]. But it was good for her, believe me. You could feel the difference in her back's topography.
She was still in a bit of pain, though, but she was damned if that was going to stop any of her weekend plans. Saturday morning, we had breakfast with a friend before meeting other friends later in the morning. Didn't I say that E likes to keep the social calendar full?
I could be wrong, but I believe that E had no idea that the cafe we had breakfast and the place we were going to meet the second group were across the street from each other.

That morning, I busted out the Kingdom Come Superman-shield t-shirt, because after the breakfast was Ithacon 30, the local comic-book convention. It was the first time I actually looked around a con to see other things besides the freaks and the merch tables, like the folks pimping their art or their music. All-in-all, I wasn't all that impressed. I've seen samples, as good if not better, from high school seniors final art projects. Still, even Rob Liefeld Barry Windsor-Smith had to start somewhere. I did score a couple of cheap finds. One was a story arc from Greg Rucka's Queen & Country and the other was Peter Milligan's The Minx. My set was damaged awhile back, so I scored all new copies of the limited series, except for one.

Ithacon is a small con, and according to E's friends who we met there, it's gone downhill in recent years, due mostly to the post-90s comics bust. The con had no panels, and was held in a room that couldn't have been more than 60' x 60'. Their only big name was Roger Stern, whose heyday was back in the 80s and whose most recent work was the novel Superman: the Never-Ending Battle. I guess he attends all of these Ithacons, being an Ithaca native and all.

After that, I got some time to catch up on some reading, but not too long because later, we would head to Elmira where E set up a dinner with her mom, followed by a night at the local Irish pub with the couple we met up with at Ithacon and another. It was fun, except for stuffing myself with too many wings. I think that's what stopped me from going all Withnail & I at the pub--that, and having to drive home.

Now that I sit here thinking about it, Sunday was a total blank. I do remember a three-hour nap late in the afternoon. Crap, I didn't drink that much.

Ok, I got errands to do, now...


Ms Bizarro said...

It's "Canandaigua". And you are the best Huzz-Binnd in the world to drive me there to see Dr. Mike when I was in pain. :D

Ms Bizarro said...

Yes, you ARE wrong. It was me who said that the Ithacon building was across from Dewitt. C'mon, give credit where it's due! It was my mastermind that you could eat breakfast and then go right to the comics convention (yeah, don't make it sound like I dragged you to a tupper ware show to see my friends!!)

Ms Bizarro said...

I need to make it known that at no time have I ever said "You MUST come to this gathering of friends." or anything like it. Nor do I employ passive-aggressive means to force him into submission. He's always free to say "no thanks". Just wanted to make that clear. ;)

Don said...

It's "Canandaigua".

Not Tauga-hannnick... Ta-yu-gahannock... Taga...

Don said...

Yes, I'll say here and now, at no time was I forced to do anything I didn't want to do.

My problem is that it always sounds like a good idea at the time to me, so when I'm asked, I'm all for it--"We can have breakfast in the morning, go right to Ithacon, hang out there, drive to Elmira, have dinner with Mamazoo, and then go out to the Pub."

But, then I wonder why I take three-hour naps the next day ;)

B said...

Now be honest; did she give you the "E Evil Eye"?? j/k