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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last night, The Wife and I entertained a government agent in our home.

I pondered letting that line stand by its lonesome in this entry, but I don't want to worry anyone :). Actually, this person is an old high school friend of The Wife's who was back in their old stomping grounds which are a stone's throw from Ithaca, so he visited.

He's a real nice guy. It was weird how much his mannerisms resembled those of our friend in Columbus who's in the CPD. They're even about the same height and build, now that I think of it. He and The Wife shared a lot of stories about the good ol' days, and he had a lot of cool stories about the vagaries of life as a G-Man. I learned lots of interesting things.
  • According to him, it's rather difficult for his agency to actually arrest people. Now, there are circumstances where he could presumably just take you out. But, to arrest you, he has to get it cleared with his supervisor who in turn must have it cleared with the US Attorney.
  • "The most powerful Federal Laws," as E's friend put it (jokingly, I think), are 18 USC §711 and 18 USC §711a which prohibit misuse of the characters and slogans relating to Smoky Bear and Woodsy Owl, respectively, either of which could get you six months.
  • I'm a mere three degrees of separation from this incident
Hey, The Man is still The Man, but still...


datu_b said...

I knew the eff bee eyee wanted a piece of the Bizarro pie.

Don said...

Ah, if only... the guest belongs to the Ecretsae Ervicesae. He did have a couple of "eff bee eyee's a buncha jerks" stories, though. Supposedly, everyone hates them because they're jerks, but they've got the "juice" being DOJ and all.

B said...

Let's cross a border and flip them the bird. "Come get me!! Oh wait you can't, Momma's Boy!!!! Call your Big Brother the Si eye, eh!

Don said...

Yeah, but if you're not safe in Venezuela, where can you run?

B said...

" Yeah, but if you're not safe in Venezuela, where can you run?"-- I'll scream; "Help!!! I'm being abducted by Pat Robertson!" and point to you. Then I'll have all the time in the world to run :)