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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I just found out I'm a mere two degrees of separation away from two of the coolest cats on the planet. From an IM conversation with E:
E: Dude
E: you're not gonna believe this
d: what what??
E: I'm chatting with one of my students from China - she's been in HK studying film
d: uh huh...?
E: guess who she's taking a class with..(as a teacher)
d: who?
d: what???


E: Ang Lee is another of her professors, apparently.
E: Only his Chinese name is Zhou Runfa
d: bullsh!t! omg
E: No wait
E: It's Chow Yun Fat she's talking about
E: Damn!!
I should've spotted the error immediately. "Zhou Runfa", no matter your Romanization, sounds drastically different from "Ang Lee".


This was taken by E's student who snagged this shot because she (the student) also takes classes in photojournalism.Posted by Hello