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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday, I caved and went out to a temp place. In truth, we could probably go until the New Year without me getting a job. Well, maybe Thanksgiving. In any case, I admit it, being a house husband was boring me to tears. And sure, being a kept man is nice. But, I'm also trying to keep it from getting old to the Wife, too.

Our most recent in-joke (well, mine) was from Family Guy where Peter's talks about how hard he works, etc. so that he can talk Brian into doing a dog show as a favor. Brian's response:
"If you want me, I'll be out on the veranda, since you're already on the Cross."
See, right now, it's still funny when E talks about how hard she works and wants foot rubs when she comes home, and I say that. It might not be so funny in '06 if I'm still not raking in some money somehow ;). It reminds me of our other injoke. Picture this.
DON is pulling a finger out from deep within his own nose, easing the flow of blood into the brain. He checks the clock, still in somewhat of a haze, and looks over at THE WIFE.

Ahhh... it's 2007. I guess I better find a job.
Again, it's funny now. But who knows for how much longer, and why take a chance?

So I go back there with IDs and such today to take their little typing tests and their little true/false questionnaires with items like "Is it professional to cuss out a coworker who's giving you trouble?"

EDIT: Well, looks like they wanna try and get me into this 40 hour/week gig, 8-5, in Downtown Ithaca. Which is great, because if it pans out, it'll be yet another fulfillment of what E and I used to call our "pipe dream" of life in Ithaca. I remember thinking that when I'd get a job, I'd want a gig in or near The Commons.


B said...

good for you :)

E said...

I'm going to miss having a haus huzz-binnd to do laundry and clean and go grokkery chopping. But the money will be nice, too. :) Not to mention that when I do have a little Bizarro, Bizarro Sr. better have some insurance.

defiant goddess said...

You are a WISE man! Good for you! Ain't no shame in temping. In fact, I think it's the smart thing to do while looking for a permanent job - or even in place of a permanent job. People say there's no security in it but I don't see much security in "permanent" work, either.

And I am SO impressed with your script! Maybe I already knew you do that. Maybe that's how I found you. I don't remember now.

What screenwriting software do you use? I use Magic.

Don said...

Why, thank you :).

Actually, The Wife is the film MFA/screenwriter, although that stuff's on the backburner while she works at that Ivy League School on the Hill. I'm merely learning how to write and peddle short stories and other tidbits to whoever might want to buy them ;).

Hm... I can't remember now how you might have found me, but hey, we're glad you're here.