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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lately, when I'm asked that question, I've been responding with "Been better, been worse."

Things to B!+ch About
  • My work schedule which is prohibiting me from seeing DATU_B and his wife before they move out west. Sure, I could have hung out with them last night, but I would've been horrible company what with my sleep cycle totally skewed.
  • Sifting through Ithaca job prospects that didn't seem as plentiful as they did when I was searching this time last year. Then worrying about the logistics of it all. So far, I haven't found a job prospect that seems worth taking a chunk out of the minimal amount of time we've got left in A-Town to go up there and interview. Then again, what else is there for it aside from waiting until I get there which is only a viable solution if E gets that job at Cornell? GRR!
  • Blogger's new damn code that pushes my byline past my sidebar. It's in the <$BloggerItemBody$> tag which generates a CSS "clear" code at the top and bottom of each individual post, so there's jack all I can do about it. They're aware of the problem and are working to fix it, but I've got a feeling I'm going to end up having to switch templates, which would be a pain in the damn arse.
  • Today, I left the power cords for my laptop at the house, so I'm on batteries that will only be good for another hour or so. I'll be at work by then, anyway.
  • In the late afternoon, it is literally hot enough to fry our brains, nevermind a dog's, in our apartment. This makes catching up on much-needed sleep rather difficult.
Things to Feel Good About
  • A last-minute entry here.
  • That, and the fact that the accomplishments on that list are definitely things to feel good about.
  • I managed to tackle the infamous "Pile" of clothes in the corner of our bedroom. It almost looks respectable now.
  • Tonight, when I get home, I get to spend some time with the wife and watch the second episode of 30 Days.
I know the list looks lop-sided, but in the context of my life, it pretty much balances out.

So, enjoy the space (Thanks, Blogger!). Imagine drawing in it, writing comments, or otherwise making it useful.
UPDATE: One less thing to b!+ch about - Blogger fixed the problem, although it means that my use of the new picture feature won't be as smooth as some others. But, I know enough CSS that it doesn't matter, so there.


datu_b said...

Gee I thought the space was provided to give us time for introspection ;)

datu_b said...

Wow!! Batman better check himself ;)

As for the work thing. It's all good. We'll see ya before I grace those westerners with my sly, city-bred sophistication :)

defiant goddess said...

It's rare to meet people who expect an honest answer when they ask you how you're doing. I haven't met one yet. lol

Don said...

I won't hesitate to tell someone if I'm less than so-so. The reason people not only expect, but sometimes don't want an honest answer is because of yahoos who want to give you their life story, from DNA all the way up to that moment. I don't blame them.