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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not only is this a week late, I didn't necessarily click all the links here to get the full story. But on the face of it, doesn't it just feel wrong somehow? Kind of like when you see someone picking on a handicapped person. The handicapped person may have even started it, but still.
Boing Boing: Mayor of Boston bans Boing Boing

Jake tried to access Boing Boing from Boston's free WiFi network and got this notice -- topped by the seal of the Mayor of Boston no less! Banned in Boston -- first they came for the Mooninites, then they came for the Boingers.
(Oh, this actually wasn't done on Google Notebook, but a Google Toolbar app. Yeah, yeah, I know...there goes my privacy, right? Hell, it's not like I'm putting my credit card numbers up, so wth?)

(EDIT: The only trouble is that I can't tag any of my posts from the toolbar app. Oh well, I'll live.)