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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Among other things received from my parents that they obtained in their trip to the Philippines were the following:

Modern Arnis, Philippine Martial Art, "Stick Fighting" Posted by Hello

The Practical Art of Eskrima, 2nd Edition Posted by Hello

Sure, we've all seen the yellow Modern Arnis book released in the 80s. We all had a good laugh at its expense, too. Twelve strikes, twelve blocks, sinawali drills and some disarms. But, these two books (published with Filipino newsprint paper, retails for about $20USD, but was purchased for the equivalent of about $3USD each) contained very detailed elements.

The first book has chapters on disarms of various weapons, anyos, sinawali, throwing, ground fighting, and different types of strikes. The second book has a few espada y daga techniques. Definitely stuff to mine for all their worth, eh?