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Monday, January 16, 2006

This weekend marked the fourth straight weekend in a row that we've road tripped somewhere. I now understand why hermits become hermits.

Anyone have a sensory deprivation tank? I'd love to soak in it while listening to the latest Ricky Gervais Show podcast.

No? Well, then I'm going to figure out some other way to replicate that experience.

* * *

Speaking of hilarious audio files, I got myself a copy of Tom "Doctor Who" Baker's infamous outtakes for his voiceover spot for something called Symphony (supposedly, a furniture company).

The man is completely nuts, between complaining about the ad copy and making such "flubs" as...

Are you sure this isn't a translation from the f*cking Albanian? Sounds like a very bad translation from early Serbo-Croat.

I don't think I can go on, this is so emotional. I'm getting a stalk on, I think, here.

Symphony--number one for f*cking foreigners, too!

Symphony--even for monkey shaggers!

I adore distilled whippet sh*t!

Symphony is a company with a firm foundation--and if you don't believe that, you can f*ck off and get your cards.

And, to think I freaked out at Peter Davison's performance on At Home With the Braithwaites. I said to myself that no Doctor Who should be cheating on his wife and being verbally abusive to, well, everyone. I almost died when he called some kid a "f*cking sh*thead!" But, you can chalk that up to acting.

This recording was just bizarre and surreal, and I'm going to sit in the dark and meditate upon it for the next few days to raise my energy levels. (And, as much as I'd love to post it, I don't have the space or the bandwidth, nor would I subject anyone to the hoops I had to jump through at YouSendIt.)
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defiant goddess said...

Seems like one of those things I'd have to hear for myself to get the full appreciation.