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Saturday, January 21, 2006

You've probably been thinking, but have been too kind to say, "You've all but given up all your martial pursuits, haven't you, you lazy bsatard?" But, while my efforts have been admittedly sporadic and irregular, my love of the arts hasn't gone anywhere!

In anticipation of training with a local FMA/WMA group (I've got the cash to start, just not enough to go very far), I've been looking up a whole bunch of online WMA material online. Lots of interesting stuff, especially those details that relate directly to FMA stuff. Man, I've heard lots of people slam Mark Wiley, but it turns out he's loathed by a WMA people as well because of his "historical accuracy."

I've run into the occassional video. Datu_B knows how I am about video clips. Some folks on a message board dug up:But Don, you're thinking, have you actually moved around at all? Done any actual work?

Well, I've accomplished two minor things. One was managing to transfer a stick move from my right hand (a sort of head-level witik followed by a downward vertical head strike) to my left (more or less). And, working on that made me realize something while shadowboxing--now I realize why my left jab always got more respect than my right cross.

Beside my right foot being too far back (as usual), my hip doesn't have that "snapping" quality when I throw the cross like it does when I throw the jab. Sure, the hip rotates as it should. But, all the strength of the punch is coming from my upper body/arm, instead of my hips. Now, I got something new to work on between stories and job-searching.


B said...

good for you. The Savageaphid and I will begin kickboxing Tuesdays and Saturdays...on concrete like the Thai's intended. He's also found some lust for the bali. We'll have to slake that thirst as well.