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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Again, E and I headed to the first weekend of the twice-yearly Friends of the Library Book Sale. It was one of the worst lines I've ever had to stand in at all. We stood around longer than an old Soviet Union toilet-paper line, for pete's sake.

Supposedly, the local fire marshall didn't like the way people were crammed into the old warehouse, so he laid down the law and decreed that only so many people were allowed into that giant tinderbox at a time, which meant an unprecedented hour-long line.

Still, I had an agenda, and the fact that I got that second book in the pile there made it all worth while!

I thinks it's indicitive of the refinement of my reading tastes that the piles are getting smaller. I'm just not picking up every damn book I come across. That's good, because I'm spending less, overall. Well, not really--there'll always be stuff I want, but at least I'll eventually spend less on the classics.
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Ms. Bizarro said...

That was no hour-long line! Try an hour and a half. In the baking sun. With no water.

Anonymous said...

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