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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Yesterday, I was in that unfortunate position of being hungry and broke. I wasn't totally without means -- I had a bit of money that I just didn't want to touch, but I gave in. Now, this wouldn't have been an issue if I had time to go home, but I didn't. Anyway, I caved and stopped at the nearest Chipotle. Why not -- if you're going to blow money on food, might as well eat well, right?

There was an instance awhile back when I'd get to the register, and if for whatever reason it's non-functional, they'll simply give you your food. Well, yesterday, I thought it was going to happen. The register was down and the guy in front of me got a "don't worry about it." Wouldn't you know that in the millisecond it took for me to assume his spot when he left, they fixed the damn register and had me pay?

Well, what could I do? I payed and enjoyed a nice lunch. So, I get back to work and a coworker was giving away his lunch because apparently, he wanted to go out for lunch as well. So, I had me an additional half of a chicken-salad sandwich and a brownie.

It was just as well I ate as much as I did, because I didn't have much time for dinner before my kung fu class -- which I had to basically teach again, btw. Well, tutor, really -- I hate calling myself a teacher when I don't have a black sash.