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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I can relate to this puppet, who constantly asks others, "Do you have any idea how fcuking busy I am?"

This has been a week of setbacks. The first half of the week was my fault--too much putzing and traveling and thinking, "Oh, if I can just get all of the big errands out of the way, I'll have the whole rest of the week." Wrong. It's no one's fault, it was just wrong. Okay, I understand that "life gets in the way" and "other things are important, too" and it's all true, 100%. But now that I'm a week behind on some self-imposed deadlines, which means I'm butting up against some real deadlines, it's time to entrench.

Sometimes, you can't help it if "Hans Brix" comes knocking on your door. But, I don't have to let a Chechnyan stand here, telling me when he's gonna take a fcuking "derivry," either.

This week's metaphors on productivity and prioritization brought to you by Team America: World Police.


Ms Bizarro said...

"...now hit this sh*t."