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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

That's "solution" in the chemical sense, i.e. a mixture of solutes. (Hey, damn, that's pretty good--that's what I'm going to call these types of posts from now on!)

Guru Mushtaq said some kind words for this blogger. By the way, he's 85% quirky. Given his silat skills, I dunno how I'm gonna sleep at night knowing that--hehe.

I've known for awhile that I've got way too many RSS feeds. I gloss over most of the ones I've collected with only five or so exceptions like Mushtaq's. Imagine my pleasant surprise as I revisited Stickman's Blog. Stickman is a legendary name in Filipino Martial Arts circles as one of those fortunate individuals to train directly with Angel Cabales, and his knowledge is priceless. You could pay a lot of money for the insights Stickman gives away for free on his blog to be linked and tagged with del.icio.us.

I'm reading two compilations right now.

Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles de Lint contains stories from his series dealing with stories from his mythical city of Newford. I have to confess that I'm not enjoying them very much. The writing's exceptional and the stories are okay. They just don't hold my interest. I find very little, if any, tension in the tales I've read.

Of course, people have said the exact same thing about Raymond Carver's stories. I suppose it's probably an unfair comparison, commenting on de Lint while reading Carver, but there it is.

There's very little that's fantastic (i.e. pertaining to fantasy) or mythical about Carver's stories. And yet, I can't put them down.

I was initially drawn to Where I'm Calling From mainly to explore the short-short form, because whatever you might say about Carver's writing, very few can combine briskness and intensity like he does. I will say that there have been a couple of stories that I didn't get at first. But I prefer that to "Who cares?"

Just food for thought: Should it be any surprise when you get rejection letters from anyone who has to go through a slushpile during a holiday weekend?

T-Minus 33 hours to the interview at the Big Red Barn.


B said...

Good luck on the interview Don! I nailed one today and got the offer. If this Baldwin wanna-be can do it your over-qualified ass can do it too.