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Sunday, April 09, 2006

This is why it's important to support your public library!

Don Byron and Nicholas Payton are old rotation staples for me. I have Tuskegee Experiments on cassette somewhere, and have been looking around for the CD for quite awhile; it's a deep album complete with poetry by Saddiq on the track "Tuskegee Experiment" (which, I never noticed before now, is not a "title track").

The others--Lonnie Plaxico, Jacky Terrasson, and Greg Osby--have all been linked with singer Cassandra Wilson. And, we all know how I feel about her. I'd been especially anxious to listen to Plaxico's stuff. I also noticed for the first time that he played on Tuskegee Experiments.

So, why is this post labeled "Back Home?" Because it's another example of the cyclical nature of things. It started with Chicago XXX last month. Just like most of the others, I got sucked into the horn licks, which made me pull out the old albums (especially, Chicago V and VII), and before you know it, I've got the old jazz CDs out. But, I wanted new stuff, so as I idly perused the jazz CD section at the library, I came across the monsters up above. So, despite the hellish nature of the past week, I've managed to extend my stay in musical heaven.

Ah, memories. If only I'd taken the other fork in the road. Anyway, if you want true modern jazz by, to use the jazz parlance, some bad ass motherfcukers, check out these albums.