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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last Thursday and Friday were my first two days of employment, conveniently at the start of a pay period, at the New Diamond Mines. It's all been orientation and observation. Everyone I've met seems openly glad to see me come aboard. They've been needing someone to fill this position for quite awhile. Their eyes get even wider when they know about my background in the mental health field.

So far, they seem to be going to great lengths to make sure I'm properly oriented and trained. I'm very fortunate about that; too many places nowadays are willing to not only throw you into the thick of it but to lambaste you for "not knowing any better."

It's a civilized gig in a civilized place. Very PC, too. You can tell most of the folks practice the lingo even though it isn't second nature. Someone asked me, "So what does your...partner...do?" It's also strange when someone talks about GLBT stuff, almost like he or she doesn't want to embarass someone they just met while simultaneously expecting them not to be embarassed.

It's been two days but for all intents and purposes, I'm in familiar surroundings. I've been wanting to work in the field again for awhile without doing the sorts of in-the-trenches stuff I used to do. That's not to say I don't miss it. But for now I'm content to overlook the battlefield, serving tea to the generals, instead of serving in the trenches. Still, there's an enjoyable sense of familiarity with an old dream. But there are other dreams to be had now.

Speaking of which, The Wife wrote:
Anyway, I got a call earlier this afternoon from the OTHER school on the hill, pertaining to a job I applied for weeks ago. The job is an adjunct faculty position teaching screenwriting
We have become what we have beheld and joined the ivory towered halls of academia. Well, she has, really. I've become more like an oompa lumpa, so to speak.


Ms. Bizarro said...

The world needs good oompa-loompas. Imagine a world without them.... shudder.