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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have to admit, I was about to give up blogging. Not necessarily because I ran out of things to talk about. But, I needed to make this thing useful again, a means through which I can take care of my bid'ness.

After three years, it became pretty useless as a means of storing and linking information for me or anyone else to review later, unless you wanted to troll through the archive pages. Seriously, I was dreading putting anything potentially valuable on this thing for fear it'd just get lost...

...until Blogger in Beta came along.

Now, I almost don't need del.icio.us or Backpack anymore. Between effortlessly integrating third-party apps, manipulating the template, and organizing the output however I might want it with the labels feature...well, I might actually come here more often. This is my 146th post for '06. Look at those past years. Yeah, provided this thing helps me the way I want it to, I'll definitely be updating more often.

So, yes...there's a new look, new features, and all sorts of idiocy to be documented and catalogued. Eh, who needs WordPress, anyway?

Caveat Emptor:
  1. I turned comment moderation on--sorry.
  2. Be aware that the categories listed don't yet cover every single post.
  3. Your browser's mileage my vary.
I gotta get to bed. I've got a long, early day tomorrow.