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Saturday, December 23, 2006

What the hell possesses people to walk up to a stranger's table--a stranger with earphones and surrounded by books, papers, and a laptop thereby giving a reasonable impression of being busy-- and ask "What're you working on?" while picking up a random book from said table?

And, unsatisfied with my initial response "Stuff," acting like HE'S being put off when he got the response "Personal stuff" to his second query in a tone that basically says, "Who are you, stranger that I don't know from Adam, and why the hell are you talking to me?"

At least he found someone else to accosted at the table behind mine. He's lucky he didn't get a smack upside the head. True, violence may be an inappropriate response to bad manners, but we all know intuitively that people with that much gaul probably won't respond to anything else.


Ms.Bizarro said...

I woulda smacked 'im!

B said...

LOL are you surethis stranger wan't trying to "pick you up"?

Most probably he was a rude asshole. It's those occasions when I miss my long hair "scary looking" days, becuase I've literally hissed at people. The hissing doesn't have as much gravitas when dressed in business attire.