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Saturday, June 23, 2007

E and I spent this morning at the local farmer's market. There was a stall with a merchant selling wooden furniture and cooking utensils. Amid the spatulas and spoons, these jumped out at me...

I picked one up and thought, "With that curvature? Utensils my ass." But they were exactly the right size and shape to be a different sort of tool, something I can train with. So I bought two.

I mean, come on...


B said...

Oh this? This is just my walking stick. Bad joints you know...

Don said...

I should've bought a couple of spatulas, too. "Why yes, I always carry these utensils around with me." (Got'damn state laws...)

B said...

"Why yes, I always carry these utensils around with me."--You never knows when you may encounter a salad that needs tossed.