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Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm playing hookey from work today. Hey, it's been a hard week. Summer's usually a cakewalk, but I've been de facto covering for my boss. Not officially, mind you. But with the boss on vacation for two weeks, all of a sudden I've supposedly turned into the answer man.

Hey, I'm not bitching. I kept trying to tell people that it's like those old Star Trek episodes where all the senior officers plus redshirt would be down on the planet, and the only one left to run the ship was Mr. Sulu whose sole job was to keep the Enterprise in orbit.

Well, Sulu's on vacation--even though I am on campus right now. I suppose I could wander into work with my umbrella, brandishing it like a sword like Sulu did in "The Naked Time."
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Ms. Bizarro said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GEEK!!! That's why I love you. xo