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Friday, October 21, 2005

Since Mushtaq tagged me...

Seven Things I Will Do Before I Die
  • Have a child
  • Write and publish a book
  • Find a way to get my black sash (i.e. permission to teach) in my old kung fu system.
  • Complete my list of all the similarities between the techniques and principles of my old system and those I've learned studying FMA and dabbling in silat.
  • Have enough martial arts knowledge to pass on to my child. Because few things are scarier than a Filipino descendant with a stick being asked "What system do you know?" and answering "Just some stuff I learned from the old man."
  • Go to the Philippines and find an old GM to have at least one lesson. If none are living by the time I get to it, I'll settle for a first generation student.
  • Finally learn how to play the jazz standard "Joyspring" on my trumpet. It's been a decade, and I still haven't mastered it.
Seven Things I Can Do
  • Learn just about any skill if I'm apprenticed to the right person. I tell myself, "If I can learn kung fu, I can learn this..."
  • Listen. Even now, the mental health counseling bug hasn't completely been eradicated from my system.
  • Generally see the "big picture" or the general principles of a given thing, without necessarily needing every last detail.
  • Hum along with the horn licks of every Chicago song from any album, all the way back to Chicago Transit Authority.
  • Take care of my wife (I know I can do this, 'cos she told me so).
  • Hang out comfortably with and feel accepted by lower-middle-class Appalachians in the morning, and rich, Liberal, semi-elitist snobs in the evening. It's all about how you listen to and talk with people.
  • Stay calmer than average in a crisis situation. One of the lasting benefits of working in Residential Treatment.
Seven Things I Can't Do
  • Stomach even a hint of the Filipino cultural "I'll-scratch-your-back-and-you're-an-ashsole-if-you-don't-scratch-mine" mentality. This is a bad thing, really, because I know I've actively avoided relationships with some people because of it. I have to work on that.
  • Even think of the possibility of ever moving back to Euclid, OH.
  • Play any tune done by Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker (except for "Scrapple from the Apple" and bits of "Ornithology")
  • Own a firearm (at least if I want to stay married)
  • Address a Catholic nun any differently than I did in grade school, even ones closer to my age
  • Transition cleanly back and forth between "right side" hubud into the "left side."
  • Resist chicken wings
Seven Things I Say Most Often
  • Whaaaaaaaat?
  • Oh, no he/she didn't!
  • [I've got/she'll get/he knows/you deserve/I owe you/etc.] two things: jack and $hit.
  • Gotta put the game face on, baby.
  • [What'd I get you for your birthday/for lunch/etc.] Twice as much as I got you last time.
  • [In response to feeling screwed with] Motherfcuker's got the wrong one, today.
  • Told you that btich crazy.
Seven People I Would Like To Pass This On To

You know how I am about spamming people ;), so I'll just open it up to the first seven people who want to do this either as a comment or on their own blogs (and leave a comment telling us all where to find it).


B said...

7 is my lucky number. I'm in.

B said...

well after checkin out the Guru's blog I think I don't have a choice :)

Ms. Bizarro said...

I'll work on it and post on my blog.