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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

There will probably be very little of it this month because of NaNoWriMo. It's Day 2, and I'm just on track. I was about 20% ahead of schedule last night, but hey. I had other things to do earlier today and Law & Order was on. Hey, where else can I catch actor Richard Brooks since good vs. evil was cancelled? (The character of Henry MacNeil is right behind Jim Kelly on the bad-assedness scale.)

Of course, now that I've opened the blogging door, watch this turn into a big procrastination tool.


Kwasi said...

My favourite Richard Brooks performance is still the bounty hunter he played on Firefly.

MacNeil is a close second though. I still think Good vs Evil was a highly underrated show

Don said...

He did great on Firefly, no doubt about that! But, I kept fantasizing that the bounty hunter's ship would look like an orange Volvo.

In any case, his acting on both those shows was a lot better than those first two seasons of L&O--my wife used to call his character "Mr. Marionette." You'll notice that on the two or three guest appearances he's done since then, he's almost been as animated as he was in good vs. evil.

Ms. Bizarro said...

I was disappointed that RB didn't make it to the cinema version Serenity/Firefly. He would have made the movie even better.

B said...

CRAP!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo far behinf schedule!!! OMG it sucks.

It's amazing how efficient I am at procrastinating now.