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Monday, December 26, 2005

We've got a few days between Christmas and New Year's Eve in Cleveland. Drive, drive, drive.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were awesome, though. So far, between presents from each other, Mamazoo, and some of The Wife's other relatives, we made out like bandits, so far. And, we haven't even seen my folks, yet.

My favorite gift came from The Wife, the one person who knows me best...


The time with family was the best, though. There's always good food to be had, and fun games. Although, it seems that even in Elmira, we can't escape EWF and Verdine White; they were pimping CDs and DVDs on QVC.

We got to spend time with the Wife's aunt, who's quickly becoming my favorite in-law after Mamazoo. She's the liveliest 83 year old I've ever met. She's the kind of woman to cook up steaks for (her) breakfast and offer you Yuenglung beer and Chivas at 10:45 in the morning. Her household is just so great for being the unabashed, unapologetic Italian side of the Wife's family. At one point, I was asked by my cousin-in-law, her son, if I "wanted to go for a ride." That's out of context, but picture every movie where you've ever heard that line, and that's exactly how it sounded.

Well, it's after three, so we're just now getting ready to see what the Boxing Day shopping scene is like. Hopefully, it won't be too harried.
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defiant goddess said...

Woohoo! Glad you had a great Christmas and good times with fun in-laws! :)