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Friday, December 23, 2005

Yeah, I said it! If there really is a war on X-Mas, then consider this my Lapu Lapu bit to defend my island against the Conquistadores. C'mon, Magellan--I dare you to knock this battery off my shoulder. And, I got this picture, too. How d'you like them apples?

Hey, it could be worse. I could be Huey Freeman.

The Christmas preparations are mostly done. Everything is bought that needed to be bought. I myself signed and licked over 40 envelopes. Sure, The Wife wrote and addressed them, but I was the one who ended up with the dry heaves after I hit 35 licks.

Needless to say the "Don & Wife Travelling Family Revue" hits the road again for a few dates in Elmira and Cleveland, starting tomorrow.


Congratulations to Datu_B dba Glengarry. New job, new digs, and a new life. Here's to you! And, remember: "Always Be Closing."


Want to know what makes another good present besides Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire - Live at the Greek Theatre? Read Demo written by Brian Wood with art by Becky Cloonan. Or, if you're "too good" for that sort of thing, check out The Portable Dorothy Parker. That's just two of the dozens of things I'm reading lately that are so good, I can't read just one all the way through.
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B said...

Thanks! You and the Mrs are more than welcome any time.

Ms Bizarro said...

Hey I just gotta say; I GAVE HIM A WET PAPER TOWEL FOR THE ENVELOPES. He refused to use it.