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Thursday, March 09, 2006

So I saw this washroom. I stopped in, but it was full of those "types." You know, queers and queens. So one of them tried to kiss me... and I said, "No! No, no." But he just kept kissing me. Why would he do that?

No, wait...that was Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.

He sang, "Don't you keep me waiting for that day"--and that day's coming, just like I keep telling you all it will!
Sunspot activity to peak in 2012
posted by Jonathan M. Gitlin

The year 2012 might not be such a good one if you happen to own a satellite or a lot of shares in the electricity generating business. That's because 2012 is being forecast as the peak of the next sunspot cycle, and physicists are saying it's going to be an active one.

From Ars Technica
2012--mark you calendars, just like the Mayans did!