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Sunday, March 12, 2006

More McSweeney's goodness:
And with the growing popularity of this damn ultimate fighting, the rules of engagement have been redefined. Now any Joe wearing khakis could possess the skill set of a Brazilian jujitsu master. One second you're telling Chadwick that he can't take his drink outside; next thing you know, Royce Gracie's protégé's got his legs wrapped around your neck like an anaconda, choking you out. For $10 an hour, you can keep that shit.
From "A Seminar for Nightclub Bouncers, as Conducted By a Big, Menacing Former Doorman Who Abhors Violence"
by Amir Farhang and Omid Farhang
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defiant goddess said...

Great line.

B said...

LMFAO So so true...