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Monday, March 27, 2006

I have to simultaneously geek out and blush from embarassment.

I open my email and find that one of my currrent favorite comic book writers, Brian Wood, left a comment on my other blog! I'm like, "Oh, my God!!!"

The comment he left, though, was about a gaff I made when I was talking about one of his books. I didn't feel this stupid when I invited Fr. Guido Sarducci's to a party at our house in college (he was a U.D. alum) as I was getting his autograph. Nor have I felt this embarassed and semi-afraid since that time in Athens when DocGyi spotted me idly doing knife work and cimande on cardboard boxes.

The last time I thought to myself, "Stupid blog!" was the time B emailed me and said, "Hey, a silat guru just challenged you on your blog!" (It was a joke on B's part. Otherwise, I'd be dead today.)

Anyway, sorry, Brian!

The rest of you, check out his site. I recommend Channel Zero, Demo, and DMZ.


B said...

lol I wish I felt bad about that...but it was kinda funny ^_^

Much love from Ohio you out of touch stinky!