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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Between today and Monday, my sole mission statement is to recapture my vacation to which I'm entitled because of all my hard work. I haven't been able to take it before now because of circumstances beyond anyone's control. But I've decided that (a) no one can return lost time and (b) no one will ever care for my time off as much as I will.

Therefore, my response to everything and anything--pleas for help, deviations from my plans, unexpected events which require effort on my part to effect some sort of response--from now until next Monday when I have to report back to work is going to be, "I'm on vacation."

It didn't help that the one free day I had was today, a holiday, where anywhere I'd be remotely interested in going was either closed or closed early. Now I'm all for the 4th of July, but I couldn't even get some normal mind-numbing TV tonight, for Christ's sake. I wanted some peace and quiet and all I got were fireworks and "Stars and Stripes Forever."

There's a chance, since my boss knew as I was leaving on my "vacation" what I was heading into, that I might be allowed some additional time off (though I have no real idea when). God damn it, I can taste that time. And I know exactly what I have to do to protect it in advance so that nothing will intrude on it. Truthfully, I don't even plan on telling folks when it'll be.

You see, this was going to be the week where my writing wouldn't have to be crammed in between work shifts and other things. I didn't get that. I was extremely angry about it yesterday, but I'm mostly over that. I'm sublimating those emotions into (a) plotting how I'm going to get myself the time off that I should've had in the first place and (b) making damn sure I'm as rested as I can possibly get between now and next Monday. It's not going to be much, but God damn it, "I'm on vacation," and I'm going to make fucking sure the rest of the world knows it! I'm going to cash in on the credit I've earned myself this week for all my various "good deeds."

"I'm on vacation." The mantra for the rest of the week. Here are some examples on how I plan to use it.
Random Wheeze: Hey, would you mind? We could use a hand with this.
Me: I'm on vacation.

Phone: *Ring ring*
Me: (Oblivious because the ringer will remain off for the rest of the week) I'm on vacation.
Selfish? Hey, screw it--I'm on vacation.