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Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's not everyday you come too close to a martial arts grandmaster. Every martial arts practitioner in A-Town knows that A-Town is Bando turf and that the North American grandmaster for the art lives here. Every time he passes through the Diamond Mines, I feel compelled to keep my distance, lest I inadvertently do something that would cause a kukrhi to slip over my throat region. Or, even that cane he always carries around wtih him.

I've gotten into a bad habit working with boxes. After I empty them, I turn them over to break them down. If they're glued down, I practice a downward Cimande strike (Trying to finesse the technique, not work on strength. I mean, it's only cardboard.) and if they're taped shut, I hold a knife in an icepick grip, stab and "gut" the box, then Cimande it down.

I did the latter and turned around to find myself being observed (at least that's how it seemed) by said Bando grandmaster a second before he turned and walked off. I thought for sure I was going to get my @$$ kicked for showing off, or at least get laughed at derisively.

Now, it's probably nothing and I'm just being paranoid. He probably didn't even really notice me at all. But still, if you see the posts completely stop, I'll bet the explanation probably involves a kukrhi.