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Friday, October 08, 2004

[Ed. note - I redid this here post as I've found, once again, that just because something looks right on MSIE doesn't mean it looks right on Mozilla or IE for Mac.]

I was wandering around uptown today because, dammit, it's too nice to be inside -- even though I'm sick as a dog right now. It didn't hit me until yesterday.

In any case, I had one of those "You Must Enter Here" moments as I walked past one of the bookstores. The first two things I saw upon entering were:

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2004
edited by Dave Eggers

This is the third collection in this series. I have the first two from years past so there was a precedent for purchasing this one. I liked the first two, the first one a bit more than the second. I had already planned to buy the third one, knowing but temporarily forgetting, that they have traditionally been released in October. Plus, this year's introduction was written by Viggo Mortensen. Yes, that Viggo Mortensen. I had no idea he was a recognized writer, as well. Now, that's a bad @$$ -- an actor with a vocabulary.

I leaned over to pick up the book when I saw, laying next to it,

Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney's, Humor Category
edited by Eggers, et al.

The first time I picked up this book was when E and I were in Ithaca, and I remembered laughing out loud several times. You know what a McSweeney's whore I am to begin with. Now, I could have 200+ pages of it without needing internet access.

Sure, I could've had both but I was just bragging yesterday how much money I've been able to scrape together and shove into my savings account. It seemed wrong to blow the amount of this week's savings on a single frivolous purchase, so I compromised. I bought the former and placed the latter on my Amazon wish list -- hint, hint!