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Friday, September 02, 2005

(Courtesy of The Wife)

I've raved before about Ithaca's public transporation system. E's started using it to get to work at the School on the Hill, so the car's been sitting for like three days except for this morning when I ran it to do some quick errands.

Suffice it to say that we've been shielded a bit from the effects of $3/gallon prices thus far. E wants to see some friends this Sunday for a BBQ, but considering the car's been sitting, it's not going to break us the way it probably will a lot of people this holiday weekend.


Cocaine Jesus said...

$3 a gallon. fuck my old boots you guys have it so lucky over there. petrol over here is like gold bullion. great site by the way.

Don said...

Yeah, I've heard how it's been a lot worse for a lot longer across the pond, there.

B said...

I'm limiting the time I spend turning over that small block V8 I've got. Petrolium based oil will be gone soon. There is promise in man made oil, but that's another topic completely side tracking from the one at hand.