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Monday, September 05, 2005

RSS aggregation streamlined my online time. Yahoo! made it easier than what was arguably one of the best free RSS readers from a few months ago, RSSReader (or, whatever it was I posted about). Now, Thunderbird has made it even easier. Yahoo! took awhile to show new feeds, but Thunderbird's pretty up to the minute. You can control how the feed appears, too. And, it's free! However, you do need the Remove Duplicate Messages extension. The trouble with email/feed readers (at least the free ones) is that there's really no way to prevent duplicate messages from being downloaded. This extension not only does that automatically, but it compares feed messages according to whatever parameters I set. It's also been updated recently. I can autodelete dupes without ever having to look at them. There goes another 10% of the time I spend online, muahaha!


defiant goddess said...

I'm very happy for you. :)