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Sunday, May 14, 2006

This week: sounds that were, in their time, considered somewhat experimental.

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"But, Chicago's such a psusy band!" you say. If you can still say that after hearing the albums above, then fine. Until then, you can kiss my kukrhi :).

Bitches Brew - Miles backed up my musicians, any one of whom could and did headline their own bands. They all had the egos to match; only Miles' ego could keep theirs in line.

Chick and Stan - those albums marked the beginnings of real testosterone-filled jazz fusion.

Loosen Up Naturally is the first album by the Sons of Champlin. The arrangements were first class, even back then. Supposedly, everyone in the Bay Area music scene, Airplane and the Dead included, thought the Sons were better than them. Personally though, I'm still unsure about it. I'd pay out the nose to watch the Sons play any of the tunes on this album live, nowadays. But, in the late '60s, I would've thought the sound of Airplane trying to be an R&B band a bit too disconcerting.