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Friday, May 05, 2006

Thou musteth repenteth, saith I!

Planet Don

'I once found Don when I was in the asylum. I believed in all of the flowery, love-one-another crap until I realised that, yeah Don was nothing but a hippy-god for deranged hipsters.' (Dahl Mallett)

Religion In Don's World

  • Donity 41%
    (524,288,443 believers)
  • Adultlyism 3%
    (38,362,569 believers)
  • Bunkersity 18%
    (230,175,414 believers)
  • Comatesity 1%
    (12,787,523 believers)
  • Jinxedism 2%
    (25,575,046 believers)
  • Mozzetteity 12%
    (153,450,276 believers)
  • Muttonyism 4%
    (51,150,092 believers)
  • Ridingity 19%
    (242,962,937 believers)

Population : 1,278,752,301
World Ends : 29th Sep 2024
Nuclear Capable : Liechtenstein, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
Nuked Countries : Mauritania, Thailand

Don's Wrath!!

  • On 26th Mar 2012 Don announced His decision to stand-down as God and let someone else have a go at being divine. Local religious fanatics McCants Kerr and Cowart Crawcour are said to be hot contenders to be His replacement.

  • On 06th Apr 2015 God had finally had enough of Sierra Leone and made everything within its borders disappear mysteriously over-night.

  • 'Djibouti!' started God. 'Thou shalt taste the sulphur on the 08th Mar 2013 for on that day I am personally going to take a large gravy-like shat all over your land!

The Anti-Don

Batista Closky a 22-year-old man from Turkey proved to be Anti-Don.

The Saviour

'Here is my son Criswell Clancy and with Him I'm a little miffed, so go easy on the fellow, he has bowel problems' Don whispered as he introduced the Earth's Lacklustre Saviour Son to the world.

This is the End

The end came when our Dear Lord Don was snowballed to death by a cheeky little monkey by the name of Acosta Dillon. And the world just faded away in a blitz of snow and fire hail.

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