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Sunday, May 28, 2006

For the rest of the summer, the Twenty Minute Travel Rule is in effect. Anything non-business related that requires me to do more than twenty minutes of driving one way isn't anything I'm going to feel like doing. If no one's bleeding from the eyeballs or in imminent danger of shuffling off from this mortal coil, they can use my email address.

On the good side, I got the best rejection letter a writer could get...
I think it's a great story, just not a good fit for [redacted]. Do you have some other work you could submit? I would love to see if maybe another story of yours would be a better fit.
Needless to say, I sent something else off as soon as I got the email. We'll see how that goes.

Well, there may be a single exception to the Twenty Minute Travel Rule--but in all honesty, I've got siht to do. Like the Good Book says, there's a season for everything. I'm thinking this is the season for me to reach the next plateau.

The next choice to make on my plate is whether or not to seek out the pricey, out-of-the-way local FMA/WMA instructor, or to use a brand new hookup I have to start taking yoga in my neighborhood?