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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This time, this one time, I've got no real excuse for not having blogged for over a week, other than to say I've just been too lazy between the things I've had to do. That's all--nothing personal.

So, where to begin...

Last week, I started a class in Vinyasa Yoga. It turns out one of the folks I work with is a relatively well-known local instructor, not just in yoga, but kung-fu, qigong, and tai chi--the same style of tai chi, in fact, studied by Ms. Bizarro back when we lived in A-Town. She actually emailed him first about six months before I started working at my present job. Ithaca really is a small town.

I finally decided to start after finally trusting my body and listening to what I believe it's been telling me I've been needing, which are (a) a series of serious exercises that I can do myself in a confined space and (b) a sort of psychic change of pace from the study of bone-breaking, weapon-oriented, southeast Asian arts. (Not that I've given up on those entirely--I've still got the name and number of a local FMA/WMA instructor!)

Ms. Bizarro just had a Mac Attack--that is, one of the brand new Intel-powered MacBooks! Congratulate her; she's just joined the 21st century! It's a sweet machine. This two-year old beast of mine is definitely old and busted compared to what she's got. But, she deserves it--she's spent the better part of the last three years dealing with hand-me-down or work computers without any tool of her own to make her writing dreams come true. Now she's got it.

As if I don't have enough damn books, I managed to score Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 for free from a friend who's moving. And, needless to say, the minute I came across a cheap second-hand copy of his collection Slow Learner, I grabbed it!

The mysterious Mr. Pynchon is, of course, a graduate of the Big Red school on the hill.

I've been feeling less and less badly about shopping at second hand bookstores and even the two big-boxes because there was almost nowhere else since the Bookery II closed down a few months ago.

Well, a few weeks ago, the store reopened under new management with only some slight changes. I haven't talked to anyone yet who isn't jumping for joy that it's back. I shared this with one of the staff members who said that she'd been hearing the same thing, and that she tells all those people, "If you want to show your appreciation, buy a book!"

That's not to say that I'll give up sitting in the Borders cafe, observing and making note of my fellow customers' behavior.

Lastly, a choice to make. Which do I buy first? This or this?

B or Steve-O--thoughts?


Ms. Bizarro said...

I don't care which one you get first, as long as you don't end up slicing the living room to ribbons and bits in the name of "training." :D

Steve said...

I would prefer the Magnum Kukri Machete. It seems like it would be better suited to represent a dha or other similar weapon. The bolo machete seems awfully close to a regular military machete. But they're all tempting :)

B said...

Don't worry ms.B he only does silly things around me and Stevo...ok mostly me. There is something to be said about espada y daga in the kitchen :)

Biz, I suggest going to the sorce and getting a real kukri from india they are tough as nails, about the same price, authentic and have a wooden handle. I'm not a terribly large fan of rubber handles, since they tear your hand to shreads. Trust me.