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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DATU_B likes to flying round kick little girls in the head. Mind you, this was a little girl who proceeded, in the next fight, to take him to the ground and barrage him with head butts, and who has been known to flying-elbow him in the face. But, still.

We won't even discuss my pitiful performance. All that boxing training and I still let my guard down. Tsk tsk. Eh, well, no pain (to the nerves in my thighs), no gain.


Mushtaq Ali said...

One can only hope that you will encourage her. The world needs more little girls like that.

Don said...

Believe me, she's encouraged. We taught her how to counter all the "big angry dudes" who like to pick her up and pillow-slam her while in her BJJ guard just last night.

DATU_B said...

Man her head hurt my foot *and* body. Nice headbutts. She's a super sweetheart...who loves to whoop my bottom ;)

Datu_J said...

Ouch Datu_B...thanks for dropping my IQ ten points with that round kick to the head...the least you could have done was to wait until exams were over :)....i'm glad you liked those head butts....i've got more of those whenever you want them ;)

Don said...

Jeez, get a room :).