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Monday, May 23, 2005

Well, ok, not literally. Last week was the annual "International Week" here in this single bastion of non-Caucasian liberal ideals in the midst of Appalachian Ohio.

Last Thursday, I accompanied E to a perfomance of the Sema Ritual by Whirling Dervishes from Konya, Turkey which was preceeded by a short performance of Sufi music. Out of respect for the ceremony, I honored their request not to take any pictures, so unless you've seen it before, you'll have to take my word for how beautiful it was. Over my head, but beautiful.

I do, however, have some photos of the street fair that took place the next day.


Of course, E and I had to get into the spirit of things. She had a beautiful dress and had her face painted with the character for "love."

international love

And me, well... I'm wearing a silk shirt directly from Shanghai. What other pose could I take?


There were all sorts of music and dance performances on the stage. I got to see a little Capoeira demo. I joked to E that I was going to go up there and, uh, "represent the Philippines"... if I had my sticks that is. And, if there weren't 10 of them ;). I wish I had better pictures than the ones I took -- they were pretty crappy and weren't worth posting.

What is worth posting is one of the many shots E took of the Belly Dancing demo. I actually missed this one, but E got pics and video. A lot of pics and video, come to think of it... good ones, too...

...is it me, or is it getting warm in here?

dance, dance, dance


datu_b said...

We had to drag you outta that coffee shop. Luckily I delived on my promise of grilled meat. mmmmmm...Satay...

E said...

Where do I sign up for belly dancing lessons? Will she be my teacher?

Don said...

I am the luckiest man in the whole world :).

datu_b said...

OK, I've been patient, but that rear leg weight transfer of yours *has* got to go!!

If you can't enter you can't fight, simple as that. I challenge anyone to defeat that statement. If you can't enter and control the range you can't win there. Look at BJJ; control the position. Stand-up control the range. This is the simple reason I play Larga with you; you don't want to enter and I do fine on the outside.

No offense to any Kung-Fu players out there but Don's Cat-Stance has *plagued* his game.