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Sunday, May 08, 2005

While I spend the next half hour downloading Doctor Who 1x07, The Long Game, let me tell you about the dinner the Wife and I had at Mr. and Mrs. DATU_B's where I got my new toy, a nice shellacked Irish shilelagh, made from an ash sapling. This isn't a mere walking stick. It's a Gangs of New York special. I'm still pondering exactly what to name it. But, I'm determined to carry this around with me everywhere. It's legal, so ha ha, fcukers! Then again, I don't want to seen to be imitating a rather famous local Asian who walks about town with a "walking stick." (Walking stick, my behind -- everyone knows he doesn't use it as another leg. Just something to take out whoever tries to screw with him.)

shilelagh2 shilelagh1

An old Fight Clubber made a bunch, having little else to do with his summer, two were custom made for DATU_B and myself. Now, I have only the barest familiarity with shilelagh fighting. Just how to hold it and some of the basic principles. I'm more familiar with Bando boar techniques, and with the minor adjustment to box footwork as opposed to my poor imitation of triangle stepping, the media/corto range FMA stuff I know is easily translated into larga.

Lucky for me there'll be a small shilelagh seminar in next Thursday's Fight Club. Guess I won't need a padded PVC one, huh?

Speaking of which, here are some name potentials.
  • "Shaft" - Besides the phallic reference, keep in mind that I actually own Shaft in Africa on DVD. "Cat named Shaft is gonna be good with a stick." Damn right.
  • "Leovigildo" - as in Leovigildo Giron, Bahala Na grandmaster, a larga expert.
  • "Fratboy Buster" - Because what's the worst thing about living in a college town?
  • "Paddy o'Shannahan" - Purely as bait
  • "Woody" - "Hey, E, I'm going out. Hand me my Woody."
  • None of the above...
  • Suggest your own
I've got it with me in the coffee shop right now. You can bet I'll be looking out for the two people who walk around carrying a bamboo pole and a bo staff. "Welcome to Dublin, muthafcuka!" Or, Manila. Djakarta? Whatever.


cinjin said...

do as i did and take it in to your local pub and have the pretty bar maid give him a name. she named mine "charlie"!