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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ultimate sparring day! Man, I have to give props to Coach Jones -- all that conditioning paid off. Now that my lungs are better, it would've been nice if my muscles have followed suit.

I had to try ultimate sparring someone other than DATU_B, basically because I didn't want to be bathing in balur at the end of the night. Plus, his highline kicks are getting a little too high for my taste lately. Basically, he high-kicks with all the finesse of a Thai boxer, and who wants any part of that, especially when you're 5"-6" shorter than he is? ;)

I wanted to free-roll with STRETCH_ARMSTRONG, which I got to, but not before he wanted to ultimate spar someone. I was guilty of two things in that match. One was being completely on the defensive once I was taken to the ground. The fight could have ended there if STRETCH would have been allowed to knee me. The second thing was continuing to play his game on the ground. I kept hearing B yell, "Disengage and get up!" We did and I managed to keep STRETCH at a distance with (missed) right jabs for bit - yeah, I decided to try and use all that boxing stuff I learned :)! And then, he went in for another takedown. This time, I managed to base out, and while his arms were tied up trying to take me down, I managed a solid right cross which was actually intended to be what I believe in JKD is called the "corkscrew hook." Either way it worked, and according to the rules, ended the fight.

After that, I got to play with sticks - dead patterns and some ultra-light sparring. Ah, swollen knuckles: the telltale sign of Filipino training. DATU_B was right about one thing - work in a strike to the centerline, and you're bound to hit SOMEthing.

The night ended with STRETCH_ARMSTRONG and I free rolling BJJ. It's always a chess match with him. The key, as I've always said, is just waiting him out to the point where he's unsucessfully tried a bunch of things and he stops to contemplate his next move. Of course, it doesn't help to blow the armbar you tried to sink in. He kept it off for a good long while before tapping from exhaustion. We both looked like a pair of Parkinson's sufferers by the end of it.

Call me a geek, but my strategy came from a Star Trek: TNG episode "Peak Performance" where Data played his second match of Stretegema with Sirna Kolrami (who soundly kicked Data's @$$ the first time out) and forced a draw, by focusing his strategy on immediately countering Kolrami's moves. Hehe, and who said being a sci-fi nerd wasn't good for anything?


datu_b said...

"Basically, he high-kicks with all the finesse of a Thai boxer..."-I'll take that as a compliment. Shin+head= goodness

The Management said...

Damn straight that was a compliment, you hard-shinned beast! ;)