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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yesterday was the annual Fight Club picnic, although I'm sure that the casual observer could make that sort of deduction from the photo below...

anything out of place?

Definitely a fun time. Unless I can make it to Club next Tuesday, yesterday may very well be the last time I see some of these people. I'm going to miss this Club...

rough crowd

In many ways, this group of officers is the perfect representation of Fight Club. Different backgrounds, experience levels, disciplines and specialties. Different weapons, too - sort of symbolizes the type of training. Kukhris, tac folders, bolos, and Bowies (although there hasn't been a bolo around in Club for awhile).

el presidente 2005

El Presidente here got a SOG Bowie knife for his graduation present. He posed with that and the kukhri. I warned him about taking a "Lee Harvey Oswald pose," but he wouldn't listen. Heaven forbid he ever cracks, but if he does, this picture is going straight to the tabloids.

I got to hold the kukhri. I would've sent this one in to Ellis if I'd had it.

you talkin' to me?


DATU_B said...

Man! You're gonna miss this club???? I actually have to get a real life now. *sigh*

Great pics. There is something primal about a Kukri isn't there? Nice pic of the officers, too.