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Monday, May 02, 2005

REVIEW: 'Glengarry' Hasn't Lost Its Sting

The Associated Press
Sunday, May 1, 2005; 10:47 PM

NEW YORK -- More than two decades after it first arrived on Broadway, "Glengarry Glen Ross," David Mamet's scabrous, yet often hilarious look at the underbelly of the American Dream, has lost none of its sting.

This powerhouse revival, which opened Sunday at Broadway's Royale Theatre, scorches, thanks to superb performances down the line. The seven actors _ Alan Alda, Liev Schreiber, Frederick Weller, Tom Wopat, Gordon Clapp, Jeffrey Tambor and Jordan Lage _ define what it means to be an ensemble.
I've written about this film over and over again. I'd pay just to see the play with just about anyone in the cast, nevermind a cast like this. To get any better, you'd have to dig Pacino, Spacey, Lemmon (from 6' under), Harris, Arkin, and Price up and have them work for scale.

You all should at least rent the movie, you fairies... you company men! You stupid fcuking cnuts ;).
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