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Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm sitting here at the coffee shop a.k.a. "That Place" as E calls it, listening to a local band getting interviewed. Now, I know very little about this band, what their goals are, or if they even care about establishing any sort of musical career. But, if this interview is any indication, these are just the most ridiculous and clueless bunch of kids I've ever seen. I honestly don't even know why they're wasting their own time and that of the interviewer. Each one of their facetious answers, which were audiotaped, were followed with "ha ha ha." "What are your influences?" "Soft core porn ha ha ha."

Hey, call me cynical because I've spent the better part of the evening here downloading Doctor Who episode 1x08, Father's Day. The net.connection here is like molasses. I should be done and watching it by now. Don't know if that's the only reason I'm in a b!+chy mood right now.