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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm still not feeling 100%, so I shirked again. I showed up for the second hour of weapons (which really didn't get going until :35 after) with my still nameless shilelagh. I've decided that "Fratboy Buster" is out. The context will be gone once E and I move out of here.

Last night was my first mini-introduction to Bowie knife work and the art of the back cut. I pulled someone aside and had him show me the basic shilelagh striking angles. Two or three people really got a kick out of seeing a Filipino with anything other than bamboo or rattan.

No, wait... I have it. The perfect name!


Meet Glengarry. Yes, I know it's not Irish, but it's in reference to my favorite movie. Whenever I use it in a fight, I'm going to throw out quotes from the movie with each strike. "I don't think so, Shelley! *whack*" "You are going out! *bam*" "Will you go to lunch?"

Or, I can improvise:
Jerk What's your shilelagh's name?
Me Fcuk you, That's it's name *thud*