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Friday, May 06, 2005

Because of my illness and the ungodly amount of time spent at the Diamond Mines despite said illness, I've missed...
  • All training this week
  • A late night screening of Ong Bak at the house of GURU_ANGRY
  • Catching so much as a single frame of the local annual film festival
  • Seeing Steve Buschemi who was showing a film at said festival. I wanted to see if any idiots would scream out things like "Hey, Mr. Pink!" or "Shut the fcuk up, Donnie!" Who am I kidding, I wanted to be that idiot.
Eh, what are you gonna do?

Because the posting has been sparse this week, I leave you with this.
Alternate Parkay Commercial Tag Lines

It's not nice to bamboozle The Green Man.

It’s bad karma to hoodwink the Buddha.

Liars are a disease. Vishnu is the cure.

Screw with Zeus, and die.

Don't fcuk with the Great Spirit, bitch!

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