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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I can't bear to lose some of these pictures after a week.

In case you didn't catch DATU_B's comment from the original post, he said...
OK, I've been patient, but that rear leg weight transfer of yours *has* got to go!!

If you can't enter you can't fight, simple as that. I challenge anyone to defeat that statement. If you can't enter and control the range you can't win there. Look at BJJ; control the position. Stand-up control the range. This is the simple reason I play Larga with you; you don't want to enter and I do fine on the outside.

No offense to any Kung-Fu players out there but Don's Cat-Stance has *plagued* his game.
Yeah, but it is a pretty cat stance, isn't it?

Because the wife and I both have a favorite... ;).

Before I forget, I had fifteen minutes of fame on Warren Ellis's Friday stunt.


DATU_B said...

It's a pretyy cat stance, indeed. I'm simply saying your cat stance won't consider it cheating if you see other stances :)