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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Today, E and I have declared a moratorium on DVD rentals. We finally got to see ATHF, Vol. 2, but the funny bits were sort of few and far between. I dunno, it just wasn't as funny as the first season. She took out the movie Beijing Bicycle. It didn't interest me so I didn't watch it, and E didn't like it all that much herself.

I've got the day off from the diamond mines today. I do hate it when I get them early in the week. Makes the rest of it go by slower.

So far, today's been rather pleasant. E and I lounged around all morning watching ATHF and putting up a new beaded curtain to act as a door between our bedroom and the rest of the house. What finally convinced us to create one was a visit last week by E's friend MS_V (who incidentally hates E's ex with a passion that even I don't have, which makes her tops in my book) who I woke up to find standing in our bedroom the morning she left. This didn't bother E and I in the least, mind you -- it was just the principle of having no separation between the bedroom and the rest of the tiny apartment.

This year for Halloween, E and I have tentative plans to head out of town. "Because you want peace and quiet away from Athens's Halloween, right?" you might ask. Wrong. I've been wanting to go to Trauma for years. Last year, a group of our friends went. This year, they're going again and I want to go this time, too.

E and I had a discussion about this related to that thing couples call "Those Details We Do Not Speak Of Regarding Our History Before We Met." I'm damn sure not putting those details on here, but suffice it to say that the discussion left E feeling like Ben Affleck in Chasing Amy, which I continually (as recently as yesterday) have to convince her is simply not necessary.

She's become more and more accepting of the vague details I've given her, though not enough to watch the movie Secretary as I've recommended.

Really more like an "Item Two-A," this makes the second time one of E's female friends has seen the two of us in bed, [ed. note - I deleted the rest of this. Too personal. And, no, nothing ever happened so quit wondering and pull your mind out of that there gutter.]

In the "What I'm Currently Reading" category, I just had to mention Brad Meltzer's (the author) current DC Comics mini-series Identity Crisis, a total must-read and one of those rare chances for the general non-fanboy hasn't-ever-entered-a-comic-book-store public to see why comics can be a cutting edge artistic storytelling medium along with everything else. Here's a Yahoo! article on Identity Crisis for more info.