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Thursday, September 16, 2004

No, E and I still haven't watched Enter the Dragon yet, but we did spend an evening watching all the TV and theatrical trailers that they dug up. We heard the following tag line about 50 times:
Roper... Williams... and Lee. The Deadly Three.
Ah, the blatant Hollywood racism in the 70s, before they even bothered to put up any sort of facade of equity. In the trailers, the White character gets mentioned first, and the Asian character last. In the movie itself, the Black person dies (rumors abound that Jim Kelly's character was originally to have lived, and John Saxon's to have been killed).

And, I don't care that John Saxon has a black belt. You can't tell me he had one back then, not with those jump kicks he'd do. I could stand there and take one of his crescent kicks right in the face and not even notice. Maybe it's because of that sub-conscious inability to suspend disbelief about Saxon's fighting skills that Bolo Yeung was counting on when he chose to lose to Saxon in their fight, rather than lose to Bruce Lee. But hey, how else were you going to justify having the white guy kick so much @$$ alongside Bruce and a bonafide Karate middleweight champion?

Oh, speaking of which, if you're asking yourself, "Just what has Jim Kelly been doing with himself all these years?" Well, I knew he dabbled in professional tennis for a bit, but apparently it's more than that. Ain't It Cool News caught up with him about a year or so ago.