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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Our moratorium on DVD rentals last week never happened. It was a hard day for both of us, so we searched and found Enter the Dragon. We haven't even watched the movie yet, instead combing through all the special features, especially the feature with scenes from Game of Death, reconstituted and re-edited according to Bruce Lee's original notes.

Cool sh!+, indeed.

Everything of interest, except for my mp3s, is now off of my ghetto-fabulous laptop and on CD-Rs. Once I get all of those off, you can bet I'm gonna take this bad boy out into a field and do a little Office Space dance around it with both of my kali sticks.

Can I just say that I love having a 1GB gmail account? Hey, between the two accounts I have, I've got about 10 invites. I may donate a couple of them to a program where people can contribute their invites to US soldiers in Iraq. The rest I'm just sitting on. If you're a friend, maybe we can haggle. If you're a stranger, I'll trade up to three for a new laptop. I don't mean brand-spanking new -- I'll even take a gently used one made after 2000. Anything I can stick a wireless card in. Email if you're interested.

Speaking of kali, looks like DATU_B's invitation-only kali group is going to happen. Oooh, empty hands -- I can almost smell it.

More later. Gotta mail some more mp3s to myself.